Young Adults And Psychiatric Issues In Recovery

Young Adults And Psychiatric Issues In Recovery

Recovering from an addiction as a young adult can be difficult, but adding a psychiatric issue can create an even larger obstacle to overcome. suggests that young adults who suffer from psychiatric and behavioral issues due to mental disorders may experience problems with housing, education, and employment. When combined with addiction, these additional problems can greatly impact the process of rehabilitation.

Fortunately, with treatment options now available for dual diagnosis, the task of recovery from addiction with psychiatric issues doesn’t have to feel like the world is against oneself. There are many programs and plans out there that incorporate the help needed to cope with alcoholism and drug addiction in combination with additional mental and behavioral problems.

Overcoming Barriers

In any addiction, there are massive barriers to overcome, and the path to recovery is often rocky, with many moments where relapse seems inevitable. has presented an article which states that bipolar youths are actually at a much higher risk for addiction than young adults who have no psychiatric issues at all, making this an obvious factor to determine when seeking treatment.

Just as socio-economic factors can greatly impact the success rate of those undergoing treatment for addiction. Being a young adult with psychiatric issues can increase the number of barriers which one will face. Fortunately, there are treatment options out there designed for such people, even if they may be more difficult to find compared with the more general inpatient care offered to adults without dual diagnosis.

Pairing Treatments For Better Outcome

In cases of dual diagnosis addiction and psychiatric conditions, most professionals have determined that the best course of action is not treating symptoms and conditions individually, but working on everything as a whole. As a young adult suffering from psychiatric issues in recovery, it is important that such patients have a customized treatment that suits their needs, not just as somebody who requires psychiatric help as well, but as a young adult, rather than somebody who may be more mature or advanced in treatment. There are many available treatments and facilities open to these particular needs.

At Risk Young Adults

The statistics for young adults becoming involved in alcohol and drugs has been mounting over the years, which is disheartening news in itself, but reports have also shown that there is a prevalence in the co-occurrence of addiction and anxiety disorders in teens and young adults as well. This can be brought on by a number of triggers including educational stress, financial stress, anxiety due to social situations, and pressure felt in many other areas of life.

Young adults are facing far more pressure now than in years before, making it difficult to determine who might be at risk and who is not. For this reason, proper screening and regular visits to a physician are a good idea for all young adults, whether psychiatric issues are involved or not. There is a lot of information on the process of recovery and the path to get where you need to be. Following precise instructions on medication and other treatments also helps deter the possibility of addiction.

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