Self Assessment

What They Say:

Many times society associates certain images with addicts and alcoholics. For example, you’re an addict if you use a needle. You’re an addict if you have to sell your body to get drugs. You’re an addict if you steal your families’ possessions to sell and buy drugs. You’re an alcoholic if you drink from a bottle in a brown paper bag. You’re an alcoholic if you throw up from drinking in public. You’re an alcoholic if you get a DUI. These are all true examples of a person being controlled by their disease. But they don’t tell the whole story, and they are examples of extreme cases.

If everyone who needed help got help, drug and alcohol rehab facilities would be overwhelmed with people. Usually, a person gets help because they’ve hit their rock bottom or because someone they love and trust has become very concerned with their behavior and asked them to consider getting help. The symptoms that require help for addiction are very clear. By reading this addiction self assessment, you can find out whether your substance use is—by your definition, not societies’—a problem.

What You Should Ask Yourself:

  1. Has your drinking or drug usage caused any problems with someone you love?
  2. Has your usage of drugs or alcohol caused you any issues at work or legal problems?
  3. Are you worried about your own behavior regarding drugs and alcohol?

What We Say:

We treat men and women from every socioeconomic class. Doctors, lawyers, judges, and professors who needed treatment have sought us out. We have also treated students, blue-collar workers, mothers of all ages, small business owners, adults who have lost jobs due to addiction, and individuals who are still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Addiction does not care who you are or how much money you make.

Every person who wants to get sober starts each day saying, “I’m going to get sober!” Any alcoholic or drug addict can stop using whenever they want. Stopping is easy. Staying sober is the hard part. It’s about learning to live life without the crutch of your drug of choice. Facing up to the problems your addiction has created alone can be overwhelming. Dealing with estrangement from your family, or the loss of your livelihood by yourself can impede recovery and that is why we are here.

Addiction Recovery Resources can and will help you change. We are the only treatment center in the country that is led by a treatment team with addiction medicine specialists who work with our clients daily. We will help you and your family find hope.

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