You Can’t Get Away From Your Brain

Which brain do you have?

Addiction is a chronic disease that effects the brainYou can’t get away from your brain.

The long term effects of substance use and even long term untreated depression can reduce frontal lobe functioning in the human brain. Addiction and the brain are deeply connected. The frontal lobes are where planning, executive functions, emotion management, and reasoning occur – AND this is the area of the brain that is most needed for recovery activities.

There is increasing evidence of brain recovery from certain kinds of addiction. Long term heavy alcohol use results in some permanent damage and alcohol is perhaps the most harmful drug to the central nervous system (CNS). However, much of the damage done by alcohol use can be either restored or the brain can develop compensations for damaged areas. Even with methamphetamine, there is evidence of correcting earlier CNS damage. However, fundamental neurochemical “imbalances” that were there before the addiction, may still need attention.

There is no cure for addiction, but there is help.

Diseases require treatment, not judgment. When someone gets the diagnosis of cancer, they get chemotherapy. When they have diabetes, there are insulin treatments. If they have an injury to a limb, they get physical therapy.

Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. believes that addicts at any stage of addiction can recover from their disease on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to be affordable and accessible. Offering a continuum of care beginning with detoxification and ending with transitional living, any man or woman can learn to live free from mind-altering substances.

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Addiction is a chronic disease.
You can’t get away from your brain.

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