Residential Treatment Program

Girls on the treatment and admin staff of Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc.Our Residential Treatment Program is where patients can build recovery skills in a safe, structured setting.

Education and treatment, in-depth counseling and integration into the recovering community are the cornerstones of our Residential Treatment Program. Our goal is to help patients establish a substantial foundation in sobriety prior to independent living. This program is best suited for those who have either been through treatment programs before and relapsed, or for those who have begun to see significant consequences in their lives as the result of addiction.

Our program includes the following modalities:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Education lectures
  • Experiential/expressive therapy
  • Spiritual growth
  • Fitness sessions
  • Multi-family group therapy sessions
  • Supervised urine drug tests
  • Supervised 12-Step meeting attendance
  • Regular, supervised community volunteer activities
  • Regular, supervised weekend recreational activities
  • Continuing care planning

Program Content:

The Residential Treatment Program has two phases: Education and Application. The first phase focuses on addiction education, integration into the recovery community, basic life skills, and identification of self as having a disease. It uses the community of those in treatment as a tool to identify and modify self-destructive behaviors. After completing Education, patients can progress into the Application phase. In this phase, patients work on deeper core issues such as childhood trauma and sexual abuse, grief and divorce and mental health issues. Working on these issues help prevent relapse by learning to recognize triggers that cause relapse. Application acts as a transitional phase where regular work, school or a volunteer activity is mandatory. It allows the patient to remain in treatment, but have more interaction with normal living. Patients who segue into our transitional living program or return to their established homes are recommended to enroll in Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. Continuing Care Program for up to one year in order to continue working on advanced issues.




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