Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program

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Our Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs are created by levels of care. Each is determined by the needs of an individual and their process.

Our Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program Continuum of Care

Ambulatory Detoxification Program, provides the patient with a safe, less expensive detox alternative that does not require hospitalization. For those needing hospital detox which is determine by their medical condition and stage of addiction, we can provide that treatment in cooperation with a nearby licensed acute care hospital.

Our Residential Treatment Program is for those patients who require a safe, structured setting in which to begin recovery. This level of care is required for those who know recovery is not possible in their current home setting or when physically more care is needed.

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is designed to allow patients to continue working or going to school while receiving treatment. This level of care helps addicts who are suffering consequences from their behaviors, but are not in a physical or mental state that requires twenty-four hour care.

Our Transitional Living Program offers a safe, sober environment where an individual actually lives on our campus. This program will provide guidance on how to live sober and participate in our community while having access to treatment.

All patients are encouraged to participate in our Continuing Care Program, as statistics indicate that the longer a patient is involved in a recovery program, the greater the chances for long-term success.


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