By the time I called the Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. addiction helpline, I had reached the end of my rope. I had no where to turn and was afraid to go into rehab for my drug abuse. I have friends who have gotten well with Dr. Roy’s help, and he helped my family understand what we needed to move forward — past the addiction that affected us all. – Jamie S.

I was happy to be able to find a residential treatment program that was near me in south Louisiana. I did not need to leave my family to get treated for my alcohol addiction. I remained close to my family and support network. The treatment team answered the question “what is addiction?” and taught my family how to move past the things I had done in my addiction, and how to move forward in my recovery. I would highly recommend this program. Steven, 30.

Coming to Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. was the best decision I have made in years. It is unlike any typical rehab facility. Here, you are allowed to take control of your own recovery, become active in the community, and experience first-hand what it feels like to live in sobriety. The counselors are, by far, knowledgeable, yet teachable. They help you to get well, and do not try to “fix” you. Through Dr. Roy’s experiences, I found understanding and empathy. He knows our struggles with our addictions, and over time, became a model for ways to lead easier, safer ways of life. – Jeremy W., New Orleans

Starting with detox for my opiate addiction, I received all the support I needed from all the staff and counselors to make me feel good about myself. They helped me realize how much I wanted my sobriety. I want to thank the staff for guiding me in the right direction, and for providing such great treatment. – Joseph J.

I have been given another chance to succeed and be a responsible, productive member of society as well as a dependable mother, fiance, and daughter. Thanks to all the staff here at ARR, Inc. – Joy M.

Today, I am confident about the future and eager to move toward it. I have not forgotten from where I came, nor the pain I have caused myself and others. But, I have a plan. I have the tools. I have the desire. I have the clarity and spirit needed to succeed. – Eric M.

Trust their process! Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. gave me the tools and resources to use so I can live a healthy and sober life. I would definitely recommend ARR to others. With some of the best addiction doctors New Orleans has to offer, I truly believe that the people at ARR care about my well-being. Being in IOP has been by far one of the most positive things I have experienced – Andrea D.

My experience at ARR has been life saving, literally. The counselors and staff have helped me dig deep into my past to allow me to be able to deal with emotional pain and negative experiences. I feel very blessed and loved as I leave here today. The feelings of peace and wholeness fills my soul. – Michael H., Metairie

It is a sincere pleasure and honor for me to submit the highest possible personal and professional recommendation for Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc.,Inc. ARR saves lives, changes lives, and teaches one how to rediscover one’s true self. An extremely grateful recovering Advance Practice Registered Nurse” – Female, 57, Jefferson Parish, LA

I never thought I could live happily without using, but I knew I wasn’t happy with the way I was living. When I came to ARR, they educated me on addiction, showed me how to live sober and happy. – David Y.

I am most fortunate to have attended this program. I have come to realize many of my personal issues which lead me to my present addiction. The program has not only helped me but has helped my family to cope with my illness. –Paulette R., Marrero

I am an educated professional who developed an opiate addiction after an injury. With my inability to control my addiction, I had fallen into a state of despair, guilt and moral bankruptcy.Through my 5 week residential stay I was able to interact with a group of wonderful staff who are commited to the recovery of others. I can honestly say I feel that I have received a great start for my future and it has taught me how to live life with a new and more positive outlook. – John M., Baton Rouge

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