Practical Solutions To Everyday Challenges In Recovery

Practical Solutions To Everyday Challenges In Recovery

The path to recovery cannot be reached overnight; there will always be challenges in your daily life, even after you have completed your treatment or taken the steps to quit drinking or participating in drug use. There is a lot of advice on the best way to deal with your addiction tendencies, but sometimes you must rely on yourself and what you have learned to make it through one step at a time. published an article just last year explaining that addiction has emerged as the top health crisis in the United States, with more than 23 million Americans addicted to one substance or another including alcohol and drugs. This information has made it clearer than ever that you must be able to cope when help isn’t close at hand.

Find Your Inner Voice

Using mindfulness as a method of personal treatment is one way to cope with the everyday challenges that you will face during your recovery period. This type of activity has been supported by many different medical journals and professionals over the past few years, but meditation and other forms of mindfulness have been in use for over a thousand years. has also taken interest, explaining how this approach can work when you are on your own and facing a temptation or moment of hesitation.

Rid Yourself Of Stress

Another major player in the battle against relapse is ridding yourself of stressors and being better able to cope with stress when it does enter your life. Obviously, there is no way to cut out all anxiety; between family, work, money, and your social life there will always be room for some form of stress, but it is how you deal with it that matters. Investing in something like a stress ball, running a hot bath, or carrying small candies, chocolates or other sensory triggers that can stimulate a sensation other than the momentary strain on your nerves can often help in a moment of anxiety. Breathing exercises and more meditation practices can also help to keep you calm.

Remove Temptation

Those who are recovering from addiction are told that avoiding triggers will help them stay away from alcohol and drugs once they leave their program, but there are often triggers even around the home that they might not realize. It is vital to take the time to go through your house, find old wine bottles, cigarette packages, and anything that reminds you of what you are trying to leave behind and get rid of them. It often helps to renew yourself by renewing your surroundings first. This doesn’t mean redecorating your entire home, but moving things around, making small changes, and brightening up the space in which you live can make a huge difference to the way that you feel when you are there.

Find A Buddy

Similar to the AA sponsor that you may have, finding a buddy, whether it be a family member or friend, whom you can call in moments of struggle is crucial. There will always be challenges in recovery, but having somebody by your side that will come spend time with you, pick you up from work when you’re feeling low, or brighten your mood with a good talk when you feel a temptation can be the difference between success and relapse.

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