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The Importance Of Nutrition In Recovery

Nutrition has become an increasingly predominant factor for health in the world today, ranging from the battle against obesity to improved cognitive abilities, but now there is also a strong link between nutrition and the recovery process for alcoholics and drug addicts to consider. What you are putting into your body may ultimately affect how well you cope with your illness, and how quickly you can regain some balance in your life. How Nutrition Can Impact Your Recovery Nutrition can impact how much energy you have, whether your blood sugar level is up or down, how much serotonin or melatonin your body is producing, and a number of other factors which can dramatically affect your recovery and how you feel. When you are tired, sad, angry, or depressed, you may find it more difficult to avoid triggers. Similarly, when you feel upbeat, have more energy, and are happy, it will […]

Medication Assisted Treatment Options Might Be Right For You

Different forms of addiction require different treatment options during the rehabilitation process, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration believes that medication assisted treatment is one that is geared toward certain types of addiction, such as opioids. These medication treatments are usually paired with therapy and other rehabilitation options to give you the best chance at overcoming your addiction naturally when possible. When medication is required during a treatment plan, the medical team that you are working with will be the ones to determine which drugs you will be taking, how much and how often. It is important to follow the directions of your physicians at all times throughout the recovery process, especially when medicine is involved. Reasons For Medication Assisted Treatment There are many different facts regarding addiction, including causes, symptoms, and reasons for certain types of treatments. There is a lot of help to better understanding […]

Practical Solutions To Everyday Challenges In Recovery

The path to recovery cannot be reached overnight; there will always be challenges in your daily life, even after you have completed your treatment or taken the steps to quit drinking or participating in drug use. There is a lot of advice on the best way to deal with your addiction tendencies, but sometimes you must rely on yourself and what you have learned to make it through one step at a time. published an article just last year explaining that addiction has emerged as the top health crisis in the United States, with more than 23 million Americans addicted to one substance or another including alcohol and drugs. This information has made it clearer than ever that you must be able to cope when help isn’t close at hand. Find Your Inner Voice Using mindfulness as a method of personal treatment is one way to cope with the […]