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Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. changes lives. We are a passionate, highly motivated group of people who are committed to giving back to those who are in need of help with drug or alcohol addiction. We work toward this by providing the best treatment available. Whether a patient is in detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient, or continuing care, they know that our team is supporting them and their recovery through this difficult time. We look for people who, like us, dream of truly making a difference every day.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Jobs & Career Opportunities

The people we are looking for to join our team are compassionate, competent, and ready to give their best effort. Men and women who are in a rehab program are facing major challenges and it is our team’s job to be able to provide unconditional positive regard, support, guidance and education so that they have all possible tools at their disposal. We can’t get sober for our patients, but we can empower them as much as possible to do the work required in order to get sober, and stay sober.

Often people who themselves are in active recovery find that as they progress and learn about the disease of addiction, and become academically credentialed to do so, they want to help others with addiction. Personal recovery is a plus in our employee/associate selection process.

Our programs are disease model, physician directed, multidisciplinary and embrace 12-Step philosophy. We use evidence-based therapy and follow ASAM criteria for patient placement and length of stay in our programs.

You can be part of recovery for many by pursuing a career with us. Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. provides you the tools and support to make a difference,as each member of our team plays an important role in providing a successful experience for our patients.

Physicians and Licensed Prescribers

Biobehavioral Medicine Company, LLC (BBMC) is the Medical Practice that oversees and directs all of the treatments available at Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. (ARR). The leadership of BBMC is fully committed to the integration of Addiction Medicine and Addiction Medicine treatments into the mainstream of healthcare. We are in a medical setting and involved with the local medical community. Our treatment models include the idea of learning to recover in the place that you live, and we believe, and have seen, that such treatment is more likely to generalize. So that, in addition to the treatments available through ARR, we physicians and prescribers of BBMC provide Addiction Medicine consultation in a med/surg settingand we staff detoxification services at a free-standing hospital. We also provide longitudinal care for patients with addiction, either because of a need for maintenance medication prescription or to manage other medications or simply to manage the recovery of patients who have worked with our treatment modalities. We also have the option to follow patients in a motivational interviewing strategy in an effort to engage them in treatment and recovery. All of our treatments are medically directed, abstinence based, 12-Step oriented, trauma integrated and facilitate change at depth. We are teachers and involved in medical, nursing and therapist education.

It is our idea that the Physicians of BBMC should have access to all of the tools necessary to practice Addiction Medicine. The spectrum of services currently available is wide, and the prerogatives of the physician are respected. We are also committed to expanding our spectrum of services as and when we attract physicians who have an interest in developing special treatments or treatments for special populations. Potential examples into the future include comprehensive treatment for chronic pain, treatment for women with dependent children, gender specific programming, etc. We will support the development of such services as physician leadership becomes available.

Should you have an interest in some part or all of the comprehensive practice of Addiction Medicine, and being involved with providers of a wide spectrum of effective services, please provide your CV, including contact information, to We will contact you and make possible a hands-on experience of our practice and what we do, to help you evaluate the idea of working with us.

For more information on how to join our team and begin making a difference, please fax or email your resume to (504) 779-8297, or call our Human Resources Department at (866) 399-4673 and learn what career opportunities are available.

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