Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment In Addiction Recovery

Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment In Addiction Recovery

Integrated dual disorders treatment (IDDT) is a method used to improve the quality of life of those with two or more mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders. This is done by combining the care provided by mental health services with those of substance abuse treatment centers. In this way, IDDT can help a person overcome both disorders, without the need to treat them individually one after the other. tells us that according to the WHO’s 2011 report, upwards of 45% of young adults in the United States have disabilities relating to depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug abuse, and other behavioral disorders; usually more than one at a time. This information and more data collected in the field of dual disorders has come together to prove the necessity for more dual disorder treatment programs across the country. The Importance Of Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment For those who suffer from […]

How To Live In Recovery – Recovery Support Services For Long Term Recovery Efforts

Recovery is not a one step process, whether you suffer from an addiction to alcohol or another substance, it can take a long time to feel like yourself again, and after that initial period of healing, recovery is an ongoing battle that gets a little bit easier day by day. There are many options available to you throughout the entire transition of your recovery process, from the initial moment when you realize that you have a problem to that time when you are undergoing continuing care outside of a treatment or program. Tools For Continued Recovery Efforts has noted that there are various tools being used to continue support efforts outside of initial treatments. This is true for adults, as well as young adults, but one in particular is designed for parents and teens. The system gives families the ability to chart progress online, seeking help from professionals along […]

How To Be Successful In Ongoing Recovery Efforts

There is no right or wrong way to continue your recovery process so long as you stay on the path of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Once you have an addiction to something, many addictive substances can be your downfall, and anything that lowers your inhibitions can coax you into a false sense of security in your rehabilitation. It may be advisable to read more about how to understand your addiction where there is more information on treatments, symptoms, and how to be successful in recovery. In order to find success in your recovery you must learn to avoid triggers, whether they be coffee, cigarettes, or even certain areas where you used to spend time with friends drinking alcohol or doing drugs. You may even find yourself cutting friends out of your life in order to stay clean. Take It One Step At A Time Finding success in your recovery […]