Addiction Recovery Resources Selected in Study Conducted by NAATP

Addiction Recovery Resources Selected in Study Conducted by NAATP

Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. is excited to announce being chosen as one of seven treatment providers to participate in the addiction industry’s new pilot national outcomes study.  An outcomes study will show in detail how and what works for effective recovery. Leading the Addiction Recovery Resources team is Dr. Ken Roy, and we all know his commitment to help addicts find a new way of life. This partnership and study will track patient outcomes from multiple residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs. Addiction Recovery Resources offers both residential treatment and outpatient treatment to families suffering from addiction in the Greater New Orleans area. Residential treatment programs have clients under twenty-four-hour care versus outpatient programs where a client can live at home or in a sober living. The study will be conducted by NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers), together with the research firm OMNI Institute and will provide unique […]

Young Adults And Psychiatric Issues In Recovery

Recovering from an addiction as a young adult can be difficult, but adding a psychiatric issue can create an even larger obstacle to overcome. suggests that young adults who suffer from psychiatric and behavioral issues due to mental disorders may experience problems with housing, education, and employment. When combined with addiction, these additional problems can greatly impact the process of rehabilitation. Fortunately, with treatment options now available for dual diagnosis, the task of recovery from addiction with psychiatric issues doesn’t have to feel like the world is against oneself. There are many programs and plans out there that incorporate the help needed to cope with alcoholism and drug addiction in combination with additional mental and behavioral problems. Overcoming Barriers In any addiction, there are massive barriers to overcome, and the path to recovery is often rocky, with many moments where relapse seems inevitable. has presented an article which […]

Young Adults And Addiction Recovery Processes

Sadly, the number of young adults requiring rehabilitation from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is growing each year. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has stated that in a survey taken between the years of 2001-2002 alone, seventy percent of the young adults in America had consumed alcohol. This amounted to a whopping 19 million young adults imbibing in alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, the growing pressure on youth and young adults has been astounding in recent years, causing many alcohol and drug related deaths to occur in college aged adults between the ages of 18 and 25. This tends to be the age during which young adults begin to break free of their teenage bonds and experience adulthood first hand, which can lead to overindulgent behaviors. Creating The Right Treatment Plan With young adults and addiction, the treatment plan used in rehabilitation can be a crucial step toward […]