Admissions team hard at work.Taking that first step to begin a life of sobriety can be intimidating or overwhelming. Whether you are a family member who is looking to find an appropriate drug and alcohol rehab center for a loved one, or seeking help for your own addiction, we are ready to help you. Patient Needs Coordinators answer questions, organize schedules, and help with insurance issues that may arise during the admissions process.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Louisiana Programs

Our Patient Needs Coordinators are ready to help you begin your life in recovery. They are committed to assisting each patient and their family during the entire admissions process. Our goal is simple: Provide every patient the appropriate care for his or her disease. We believe strongly in taking the stigma out of the disease of addiction. A man, woman, or young adult who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is not a bad person, they are a person with a disease that requires treatment, not judgment. From initial assessment and entry into our rehab center, we are available to provide the support you or a loved one requires.

Admissions Process to Our Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Center

We are ready to guide you through every step of the Admissions process and help you chose the best treatment program based on your individual needs. Organizing transportation to local recovery meetings, family visits, and helping with day-to-day issues that arise are just a small part of how our Patient Needs Coordinators help our patients. Patients can count on the support of our committed, caring team during this difficult time. Questions about any of our programs’ the detoxification process, residential programs, intensive outpatient programs, as well as aftercare services can be answered by our capable team members. The Affordable Care Act has changed the ways that health insurance coverage and drug and alcohol rehab interact, and we are happy to help patients and their families get answers about coverage from insurance companies.

When a person you care about is getting sober, it is important for you to know that they are in the best hands possible. Our team takes the care of our patients very seriously. Recovery from addiction is an important life event and literally changes lives. We are proud to help individuals and their families during this process.

Our professional and caring staff is here to answer any questions you may have regarding admissions, treatment programs and our facilities. Call 1.866.399.HOPE (4673) and schedule your free assessment.

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