Addiction Recovery Resources Selected in Study Conducted by NAATP

Addiction Recovery Resources Selected in Study Conducted by NAATP

NAATPAddiction Recovery Resources, Inc. is excited to announce being chosen as one of seven treatment providers to participate in the addiction industry’s new pilot national outcomes study.  An outcomes study will show in detail how and what works for effective recovery. Leading the Addiction Recovery Resources team is Dr. Ken Roy, and we all know his commitment to help addicts find a new way of life.

This partnership and study will track patient outcomes from multiple residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs. Addiction Recovery Resources offers both residential treatment and outpatient treatment to families suffering from addiction in the Greater New Orleans area. Residential treatment programs have clients under twenty-four-hour care versus outpatient programs where a client can live at home or in a sober living.

The study will be conducted by NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers), together with the research firm OMNI Institute and will provide unique cross-program comparison, compilation and analysis. We are honored to be a chosen participant.

NAATP Executive Director Marvin Ventrell said, “This work is imperative in order to inform our work as treatment providers and to validate the successes that we have. The industry lacks this information and this study is seminal in terms of its outcomes measures, cross-program data and scientific rigor. I applaud the fine centers that have stepped forward. We, as an addiction treatment industry, know that treatment works and saves lives but we must demonstrate this and gain new information. We must also do it in a fashion that has scrutiny and fidelity and is not connected to a payer or business development motive. This is not a customer survey; it is much bigger than that.”

The research team will collect data of 1,000 patients, following outcomes from baseline to discharge and at five time points for one-year post discharge from treatment.  Outcome influences will be measured including:

  • Detoxification process;
  • Patient engagement;
  • Medication;
  • Psychological and psychiatric care;
  • Education and addiction counseling received;
  • Peer and family support, economics; and
  • 12-Step activity.

One goal will be to collect data that is more nuanced than just a yes-or-no question about abstinence and ultimately to publish findings in a peer reviewed journal. An initial draft of the study is expected in the second quarter of 2017.

The treatment center participants include the following: Addiction Recovery Resources; Caron Foundation; Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation; New Directions for Women; Seabrook House; Sundown M Ranch; and Tully Hill.

Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. Mission is to provide professional, effective, and ethical treatment to individuals and families affected by addictive disorders and to bring the treatment of addiction into the mainstream of health care.  This pilot opportunity allows us to collect the necessary information in order to continue to evaluate what we do well and where we need to improve to best meet our patient’s needs.

Our team is thrilled to be part of a larger community of successful treatment providers, pioneers and people who wake up each day to make a difference in the world.

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