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Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. Louisiana’s premier private alcohol and chemical dependency treatment center, offering alcohol and drug rehab in New Orleans for confidential, comprehensive, and affordable care for individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.

The process begins with a free individualized assessment. This is a comprehensive face to face assessment where it is determined what level of care is needed for the individual seeking help. If admission to one of our facilities is appropriate, a treatment team of addiction trained and licensed physicians, counselors and nurses develop a “treatment plan” that addresses each individual’s physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Based on this plan of action, together we begin as a patient and clinical team to combat the disease of addiction and/or alcoholism. Our clinicians also identify addiction and co-occurring disorders that may have contributed to or enhanced the level of substance abuse. The types of co-occurring disorders we most often see are known as dual-diagnosis issues. Some examples of co-occurring disorders are alcoholism and depression or opiate addiction and attention deficit disorder. The list is very lengthy and diagnosis is based on each individual’s experience.

Seven Step Recovery Process:

  • It all begins with a phone call 866-399-HOPE
  • Connect with one of our patient needs coordinators
  • Discuss your financial options
  • Allow us to verify your insurance
  • Schedule your assessment
  • Determine level of care
  • Begin your path to recovery







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