Mission and Philosophy


Established in 1994, Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. is Louisiana’s premier private alcohol and chemical dependency treatment center, offering confidential, comprehensive, and affordable care for individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.

The mission of Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. is to provide professional, effective and ethical treatment to individuals and families affected by addictive disorders.


Addiction Recovery Resources, Inc. provides effective treatment for ongoing success. In our care, individuals find a network of positive support to begin living in sobriety and health. It is our belief that true recovery is possible only when treatment provides the patient a realistic opportunity to re-integrate into his or her community environment. In fact, treatment is more effective when provided in an environment that includes structured therapy, ongoing family participation, and an introduction to recovery. For these reasons, we strongly recommend the patient’s family or primary support system actively participate in treatment for all of our programs.

Statement of Core Values and Understandings

Addiction is a primary disease.  It is not caused by either experiences or conditions, but addiction is often made worse, occurs earlier or is more prone to relapse in the event of harmful experiences and challenging conditions.  Because of this and because of regression and stagnation during active addiction, change at depth is necessary to recovery and the prevention of relapse.

In active addiction, drugs including alcohol and/or addictive behaviors serve to engage pleasure drives, soothe pain or calm fears, and sometimes all three.  For that reason, spiritual practice is necessary to recovery because spiritual practices harness pleasure drives in the service of higher purpose, still emotional pain and calm anxiety.  12-Step recovery is the most consistent way to engage in spiritual practice that is effective and specific to addiction.

The use of alcohol or other addicting drugs, or addictive behavior, over time results in changes in the brain that can be measured.  Medical and psychiatric illnesses, when present, require concurrent treatment for abstinence and recovery to occur.  Those changes can reverse with abstinence, and sometimes those changes can be beneficially modified with medication.

If anyone in a family has addiction, then the family has addiction (Family Systems Model), so family participation in the treatment process is essential to recovery, and the recovery of the non-addicted family members is the target of family participation.

The community of people in treatment together, the education by professional therapists, the healing of family relationships, the experience of pent-up emotions in groups and specific, individualized written assignments are tools for self-understanding and self-acceptance in addiction treatment.

Addiction, like other medical diseases, should be treated in the most effective, least intrusive possible structure and some need more and some need less.  However, all treatment takes time – at least a year – and recovery is a life’s work, and necessary for long term abstinence.  For those with a good support system and an ability to commit to the requirements of treatment, that treatment is often on an outpatient basis (IOP).  For those who have relapsed following less intensive treatments or who have destroyed or have not had adequate support, a residential, 24-hour treatment experience is necessary, to uncover and address barriers to recovery.

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