8 Questions You Should Ask of Any Treatment Facility

If you or someone you love has a problem with addiction to alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, or co-related addictions to behaviors such as gambling, spending, food or sex, you should ask these important questions for a rehab facility before you select a treatment program for that person.

Here are a few that you should ask:

1. What sets you apart from other addiction treatment facilities?
2. Is your program covered by my insurance?
3. How much does your program cost?
4. How long does a person stay in your program?
5. Are visitors allowed?
6. What is your treatment approach to addiction?
7. What if I have a dual diagnosis?
8. What is your policy on tobacco use?

If you are a potential the patient or a significant other with other questions not addressed herein please call our Metairie or New Orleans rehab facility at 1 866 399 HOPE (4679). We fully recognize this is a difficult decision and one that is easy to put off or deny but we are here to help you make an informed and medically competent decision about you or a loved one and in any way we can.

Do take a moment to review some of our client testimonials and review the resumes of some of the medical staff too.

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8 Questions You Should Ask Of Any Treatment Facility.

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